Boston (MA), United States
October 2021

This is a blog article I wrote as a take-home project when interviewing for an incredibly innovative startup in the sustainable energy space. I will call them EnergyCompany throughout this page to protect anonymity as respectfully as possible.


The prompt for this take-home project was: Imagine you’re writing a timely blog article that will be published on our blog. The target audience is solar shoppers, and the question they’re asking is “Is US solar manufacturing on the rise?”. The target word count for the article is between 700-1000 words and please research the blog to understand the general tone and language before proceeding.

Target deadline: 48 hours


I was fortunate to hear back praises for the writing sample from the hiring team, and did receive a great job offer afterwards. For personal reasons, I didn’t commit to the opportunity, but if someone from EnergyCompany ever comes across this and recognizes my work, you guys really rock and I wish you nothing but the best. Awesome team and awesome product, really.

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