Basix Degree

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
April 2018 - June 2018

Basix Degree is a short-lived startup I founded in 2018. The business was designed as a full-service omnispatial product photography studio which helps e-commerce businesses showcase their products in a more interactive experience

The Story

A friend and I wanted to get into the e-commerce product 360-degree photography business after seeing the idea do really well in the States, with brands like Under Armour utilizing the technology for their product pages. The idea was that users can have a more holistic view of the product if they were able to interact with it from an omnispatial environment, instead of front-to-back static images. We didn’t really do any market research or determine whether or not this was something people would actually need/want before investing our time and money into it. So needless to say, we failed in our first 3 months and shut everything down.

My Role

This was early 2018 and I was really into sales. I felt like that was something I did really well in my early-career. I was able to close 3 paying clients before we had a product, or even know how to do this whole photography thing. In retrospect, I think I would have preferred to understand users’ needs a little better and really get the product down, at least to a minimum-viable product (MVP) before we started selling it. Fulfillment was a big challenge when we began work for our client as deliverables would take at least 2 weeks for every client all because neither of us knew how to do it properly, so it would have been helpful to have an expert on the team as well.


Looking back, it was a fun experience though. Here’s what we did for our very first client, a local sneaker store in downtown Ho Chi Minh:

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