How To Use SnapShots In JetBackup (CPanel)

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Sharing my recent experience with the helpful point-in-time backup feature

What is Snapshots (JetBackup)

Snapshots are full-account backups that you can create to “capture” (ha-ha) your account files and database at any moment in time using the JetBackup module on CPanel. The main benefit to using Snapshots is that it does not use your own disk space but rather utilizes your hosting solution’s own backup storage. So, if you’re on a limited disk space like I am, this is super useful.

JetBackup Snapshots Dashboard on CPanel

How To Use Snapshots

First things first, navigate to your CPanel account and visit the dashboard. Scroll down until you see JetBackup and click on Snapshots.

Creating a Full-Account Snapshot Backup

Now, what you want to do is go ahead and click Create new snapshot.

Creating a new full-account Snapshot

You can go back into the CPanel dashboard and go to Queue immediately to make sure that your backup request is in the queue and being generated correctly.

JetBackup Queue in the CPanel dashboard
As you can see, the Status of my Snapshot backup is completed.

It is important to note that this specific Snapshot is limited to this exact date and time only. If you make changes to your site after your Snapshot was taken, it’s probably best to do another one so you don’t lose any data accidentally.

Restoring a Full-Account Snapshot Backup

Restoring your backup is pretty straightfoward as well. Click on Restore under Actions, and just wait.

Restoring your Snapshot

Again, you can go into Queue to check the restore status and make sure everything is good before you head off into sunset with a cocktail or something.

The Snapshot feature on JetBackup is a great tool and I’m actually mad that I didn’t find out about it sooner, but welp, now there’s a helpful blog about it for you.

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