Adding Custom Color Palette on Customizer (WordPress)

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I found a quick tutorial from the guys over at GeneratePress that was helpful in having your custom palette hooked in automatically

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys brand guidelines like me, having a custom color palette on WordPress default Customizer is pretty freaking sweet.

How to Add Your Custom Color Palette on WordPress (with CODE)

add_filter( 'generate_default_color_palettes', 'tu_custom_color_palettes' );
function tu_custom_color_palettes( $palettes ) {
	$palettes = array(
	return $palettes;

Video Tutorial

Here’s the Youtube tutorial that I am referring to. It has like 1k+ views at the time of this writing and I thought, wow, that’s pretty underrated for a superb easy tutorial for GeneratePress and general WordPress users.

Simple as that. Lots of thanks to Mike Oliver/GeneratePress!

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